Whether you’re a fan of modern technology or not, you must admit that modern technology is slowly taking over the world. Everything can be done on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. You can watch movies, your favorite games, and even try Royal Ascot betting if you’re into horse races! You should decide for yourself whether you’re going to go with the flow or stick to the traditional ways as long as you can. I hope this article can help you make the right choice.

1. Technology gives people the ability to create new art

Imagine going somewhere really inspirational and you forget to bring your sketchbook. Luckily, there are a lot of apps for phones, tablets, and other devices that let you draw, color, and illustrate on the go. You can also use them to manipulate already existing art. You can just take a photo of it, or scan it, and then you can play with a lot of different brushes and techniques to create something new.

2. Animation of the existing art

This is a simple way of changing traditional artworks. Animate your drawing and see it move or do something. You can make it into a GIF animation! If you don’t know how, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube to learn from.

3. The ability to easily share your creations with the world

What’s a beautiful painting for if no one can see it? Technology has made it a lot easier to share our creations with the world. Take a picture of your art piece and post it on Instagram or some other social media network, or create your webpage and make a portfolio where people can easily explore your works. This may kick-start your art career.

4. Different fonts

Typography is also very important when creating book covers, comics, manga, etc. It is a lot easier to write some text and then edit it digitally than having to do that on a piece of paper. There’s that magical undo button, so you don’t have to start all over again every time you don’t like something. If you need to print something, you can do it quite easily using modern technology, too.

5. Digital drawing for beginners

If you’re just getting to know the art world and you’re not too sure about what you want to do, it is always better to first try digitally and see what you like and what suits you. After that, you can pursue your passion in a better way.

6. Technology makes art learning a lot more fun

Sometimes, it’s hard to find inspiration for new art, or even worse, art can become just a job for you and you stop expressing yourself through it. That’s where technology comes in. It allows you to do something new, fun and innovative. You should play around with techniques you haven’t tried out before to see your possibilities. If you can, you should try the amazing 3D pen and printer to bring your art to life.

7. Technology makes art interactive

Technology itself can be art sometimes. In a museum in London, there is a showcase called Assemblance, where lasers are the art piece. When people walk through smoke and colored laser beams, they create different structures based on how many people are cooperating. Structures created by a single person are fragile and simple, while those structures created by a group are stable and complex.

8. Technology helps people enjoy and understand art better

 A lot of museums use technology to help people understand art better. They use apps that include interactive maps, audio tours, and even apps that let you scan art pieces to get more information about them.

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