Art can be created in many ways – with a pencil and a napkin, or with a pallet of colors and a huge canvas. Art is a form of expression that doesn’t care for its medium. It has been part of our lives since the birth of man. Even in prehistoric times, people drew on cave walls to express their joy or fears, and sometimes even their dreams.

Nowadays, we don’t need to use stones and chisels to express ourselves as we are surrounded by technology. Our tools for making art have become far more sophisticated. We can use various apps for phones and computers and many other devices, just like people who like to play online games use Roulette Tips. The choice is huge, but here are my favorite apps that can help you if you wish to become an artist.

Adobe apps

 Adobe apps include a lot of apps for all kinds of art and artists nowadays. Taking about photography, there are many versions of Photoshop with the inclusion of Adobe Lightroom. If you’re more into drawing, you can use Illustrator Draw, Comp CC, and many more. People who are more into clips and videos can try out Adobe Premiere Clip as it’s probably one of the best programs for creating something new and unique.

These apps support platforms like computers and phones so you can download them and try them out for free.


ArtFlow is a drawing and painting app which features 70 brush types and many other useful tools. This app is used for high-resolution painting and drawing, and there are options for color adjustment. It’s pretty fun to use, especially for kids. It is a mobile phone app but you can export the image you created into whatever format you want, and then perfect it on your computer, especially in Photoshop. ArtFlow is really great if you are an aspiring artist.


BandLab is an app that is used for making music. Have you ever wondered how you would sound if you sang your favorite singer’s song? Wonder no more. BandLAb can be used for recording your voice and then mixing it into music. And in case you are a guitarist, it has a built-in guitar tuner.

That is not all! This app has a metronome and cross-platform support so you can use it both on your phone or your PC. It is really simple to use and it can help young singers find the type of music that is best suited for their voice. BandLab has voice-changing features, so you can have fun with that as well.

No matter the time we live in, art will always be part of our lives, but nowadays we have apps to help us create it. These apps are one of the best you can find for free, so give them a try. They can be used on your phone or computer and they are designed to be used both by novices and professionals. Many experienced artists have already been using them.