We all love playing games. Some prefer casino games, especially if they are online since they can use their Energy Casino Promo Code and have even more fun. Others prefer video games and we often hear from those people how video games are like art.

Are you among the people who are in two minds when it comes to whether video games can be categorized as art or not? The Museum of Modern Art in New York has decided that video games are art. For that reason, they created an exhibition that showcases 14 video games and has plans to expand their exhibition. In this article, I will tell you more about the exhibition, I will talk about their reasons, about what they showcase, and about what we can expect in the future. 


Even though many people do not consider video games as a form of art, others strongly disagree. Video games express the author’s impression, opinion, and ideas. They also represent the current ideas in art and the world in general. For that reason, the Museum of Modern Art decided to showcase video games in an exhibition. The idea was to present video games as Modern Art. Paola Antonelli, senior curator, with Kate Carmody decided to collect 14 video games which became a part of the exhibition. They chose the games based on their plot, aesthetic design, the time you need to play the game, the stimuli the game gives, etc. Antonelli’s idea was to show that a good designer can use any kind of stimuli to transport the viewer to another place and to show their idea.

People who love video games can take a walk through the museum and enjoy these masterpieces in the gaming industry. 


Paola Antonelli and Kate Carmody collected 14 video games to showcase in their exhibition. If you visit the MoMA exhibition, you will find there PacMan from 1980, Tetris from 1984 on a simplistic display, a Japanese video game from 1997 called Vib-Ribbon. Besides, there are simulated video games such as Sim City and the Sims. There are many games for kids, such as Super Mario Bros. However, the most popular games among visitors are Portal from 2007, Minecraft from 2011, Dwarf Fortress, and Myst from 1993. The visitors enjoy the exhibition for many reasons. Firstly, they have the opportunity to see these masterpieces and find out more about them. Secondly, because they can play games at the museum. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. When you visit the exhibition, you can play your favorite games for a certain period! 


Antonelli and Carmody are impressed by how people accepted the idea of an exhibition of video games. Many visitors have visited the museum and many more plan to visit it. For that reason, they have decided to expand their exhibition. They plan to include more video games in the exhibition. According to Antonelli and Carmody, many new video games deserve to be showcased in the Museum. People would love to see them and to learn more about the games and their influence on popular culture. 

A lot has changed with the development of technology. All aspects of our lives have changed, including art. New forms of art such as video games have appeared, and there are new yet to come. In the meantime, we will enjoy visiting museums and playing video games at the same time.