There are so many ways one can have fun nowadays! From watching movies, playing Mahjong online, or slots with playmillion bonus code, to playing video games, and much, much more! But, I’m guessing since you’re reading this blog – you’re only interested in video games. And of course – they will be the topic of conversation today too.

Since the first video game has appeared, video game artists have competed to create the best video game, the most interesting one and the most artistic one. Among the many artistic video games, I have chosen three to present to you in this article. In the following paragraphs, you will find out more about Okami, Journey and Tempest. 


Tempest originated in 1981. It is an arcade game released by Atari Inc. It is one of the greatest games of all time famous for being the first game to allow the player to choose the starting level. This was a revolutionary thing back in the 1980s. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible. While trying to survive, the player tries to score as many points as he or she can. The player controls the game by a blaster, which is shaped like a claw. Various enemies try to kill the player. There are 8 types of enemies. They attack the player all the time, and he needs to kill them to survive and score points. The game has many levels. 99 levels are different, and each one is faster than the previous. After the 99th level, the levels randomly appear. The game used to be extremely popular, and people loved to play it. Succeeding in surviving the levels became almost addictive. The story and the graphics were so amazing at the time, that the game became one of the top five most artistic games of all time. 


Okami is a Japanese video game. It was created and released in 2006 for PlayStation 2 by Sony Entertainment. This adventurous story is set in classical Japan, It is an action-adventure video game which combines elements from Japanese myths, Japanese traditional folklore, and legends. The very name of the game means God. The story is about how Japan was saved by the white wolf. The white wolf is not a regular animal, but it is the form of a goddess, Amaterasu, the Shintu sun goddess. In the game, the humans in the story do not see Amaterasu as the goddess, but only as the white wolf. However, the player who controls the character sees its true nature while trying to save the land from the dark forces.

The plot of the game along with the graphics earned great reviews from the critics and it became the game of the year. However, it did not earn a lot of money, probably because it was the last game to be released for PlayStation 2.


Journey is another Sony Computer Entertainment video game which was released in 2012 for PlayStation 3. In the game the player controls a character, a robed figure, which is surrounded by a vast desert. The game received many awards for the game of the year. It is considered to be one of the most artistic video games ever due to its graphics and plotline. The video game uses no words,only music. The players meet each other in the desert, however, they cannot communicate among each other. As they are trying to reach the mountain peak in this desert, they find the remnants of an old civilization. As the player tries to reach its goal, he can use his magical scarf that can make him fly and thus help him cross the obstacles. When the player is near the mountain peak, the player slips and falls in the snow, it is then when the other figures help him stand up by giving him the energy. 

These three games are considered to be the most artistic of all time, check them out and let us know what you think.